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Hairstyles for coloured hair 74
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Round faces modern hairstyles

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Round faces modern hairstyles

Uncover hair styles for round faces! Our gallery of hairstyles for round faces, will deliver exclusive and trendy ideas of hairstyles round faces. Carrying out the look of a rounded shaped face will outline your shape as being long in length and broad in width.

People with an encircling shaped face will often require height at the crown when fabricating most hair styles for round faces. If you seem, to be uncertain as to rather or not your shape is round, you may want to reconsider the structure of your face. The best advice for this is to pull your hair completely back behind your ears while damp versus it being dry.

Styles to Avoid
Styles with straight bangs
Flat styles such as short length Bobs
Straight hair or either an encircling hair full of curls

Styles to Try
Punk Cuts or Pixie cuts:
Promote styles which are tucked close to the nape

Razor cuts:
Which are trimmed on the sides to slender and soften the appearance of your face

Short and Wavy:
Provides lots of movement and body

Are great because they contain significant height to lengthen the face.

Long Wavy or Curly tresses:
Will disguise large cheekbones that round faces will have.

Shoulder length Bobs:
Will detract your globular face, when styling hair styles for round faces

Choppy or Shaggy layers:
Are great when trimmed right below the chin

Pony Tail and Bun:
Provides an enormous amount of height to extend the face. You can wear the pig tail off to the side of one shoulder. Braided or unbraided

Rather you love the shape of your round face or hate it, below are a few of the unidentified ways to conceal or disguise the unique look of hair styles for round faces. Unless you are a hair stylist or makeup artist, chances are you’ve probably never taken recognition of the following.

These are tips that the average person are less likely to notice.

1: Part hair on the side:
WHY? Because with the placement of the part amongst the side of your hair, will result in the shape of your head emerging more broad and wider than its natural appearance.

2: Part hair in the center:
WHY: Incorporating a part down the middle of your hair will result in the appearance of a narrower look, giving your face a more thinner and slimmed out effect. This is ONLY recommended for longer length hair, because it covers the cheeks. DO NOT apply a center part with short hair onto a rounded shaped face. Your cheeks will only appear chubbier. A change in your placement of parts can also temporally disguise and give your face an appearance of a different shape.